The (Original) Iron Maiden

Album out now on Rise Above Records

     Drewett          Thoms            Skeels    Reynolds

If occult, slightly theatrical heavy rock whets your whistle, then this will be very much your bag and bears favourable comparison to the likes of Black Widow, Warhorse and Saturnalia. And if you're an open minded fan of Steve Harris' troupe who picks this up accidentally or out of curiosity, it's entirely likely that you'll dig this. ---The Active Listener

    Reynolds             Skeels        Drewett      Esgrove

The (Original) Iron Maiden line up

Baisldon Arts Centre, Basildon

David Bowie & Hype, High Tide w/s

Iron Maiden

Grays Festival, Grays, Essex

The Who & Amen Corner w/s BUM

Thurrock College, Thurrock

Rory Gallagher TASTE w/s BUM

Cricketers Inn, Southend

Fleetwood Mac w/s Stevensons Blues Dept

The Temple, Wardour St

Gary Farr, Formerly Fat Harry, The Egg, Iron Maiden

24 Oct 1968

Selection of Old Gigs

Using unreleased tapes found by Steve Drewett, the officially released single and two bonus tracks from when the band were called Bum, Rise Above Relic’s have re-mastered the tracks, to produce a unique experience of a band from the late 60’s / early 70’s that some aficionado’s have called the world’s first doom metal band.

Rise Above Relics in their genius wisdom have dusted off some old demo tapes and re-released these prized recordings along with the said two tracks from their single. I say prized recordings as with this style of music there is very little guitar distortion, each note can be clearly audible, each intricate riff and band jam is captured perfectly and it also makes you realise how talented these guys were way back then.

"God of Darkness", one of the demos here can lay claim to being one of, if not the earliest example of doom metal with an occult lyric that predates the first Black Sabbath LP by a year.

(Paul Madison - Ave Noctum - Jun 27, 2012)

18 Nov 1969

23 Aug 1969

28 Feb 1970

30 Jan 1970

8 May1970

Eel Pie Island, Twickenham

Little Free Rock w/s Iron Maiden

19 June1970

Glouscester Park, Basildon

Iron Maiden, Mandrake, Legend, Custers Track, Hogwoman

24 Oct 1969

The Roebuck, Tottenham Court Rd

BUM with support

BUM line up

Before taking on the name Iron Maiden, BUM were still quintessentially a power blues / rock band. Their early influences of the Rolling Stones, Cream & Led Zeppelin still resonating within the band’s sound. Overcoming problems the name BUM (it was a risque name even in the 60s) had given the band, they were beginning to break into the live circuit and make a name for themselves.